Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fighting to Spend Our Money!

Think your household budget is a monster?
The Department of Defense has submitted their military spending budget for 2010.  It requires only a 3% increase over last year.

Hey, three percent doesn't sound that bad does it?  If we were talking about your house, and you needed forty thousand dollars a year, after taxes, to pay you bills and feed yourselves, that 3% would mean that next year you would need an additional $1200 to simply keep up (which works out to another hundred bucks a month you need to earn, or cut other expenses by that amount).

"Percents" make us think in a different way, they remove the concept of dollars and cents (sense, too!).  That 3% increase in what our military needs to "simply keep up" brings the total budget for next year to the staggering sum of Six Hundred Sixty-Four billion dollars!  $664,000,000,000.00
There are approximately 1.4 million active military members.  Divide that total budget by the number of service members and you get a cost ratio of $474,285.71 a person!
Four hundred seventy-four thousand, two hundred eighty-five dollars and seventy-one cents per "soldier".........

That total Department of Defense budget number divided by the population of the United States yields another interesting number.  It shows that each citizen's share of the budget is about Two thousand, one hundred and fifty-eight dollars! ($2158,00)  That's per person, so that's the cost for one single tax-paying citizen.  A family of 4 has a share of $8632.00, and so forth.

The United States Military is the largest consumer of gasoline in the world today,  10.5 million gallons per day!

Military salaries are not the reason for the big budget.   It's all the other costs, and there are many.  We've all heard how some missles cost more than a million dollars each, and of course, you can only use them once......  Take a look at some of the thousands of military contracts that were recently awarded, realizing that contract awards occur all the time, as needs for weaponry, vehicles, planes, ships, and supplies are required.

This is where a big part of the money in our economy is going, every minute of every day! To see a live account of the cost of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, click right here.

There's nothing that we can do about this huge outflow of money, but I wanted to show where a lot of our American dollars are spent.
"Thank You" to all of our military members!

"God Bless America!"

John DeFlumeri Jr.  in Clearwater
copyright 2009 John DeFlumeri Jr.

Our money Today in Obama Dollars

Our money Today in Obama Dollars
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