Monday, January 4, 2010

"Will There Be Enough Soldiers?"

How many soldiers does the United States military need?  Will there be enough soldiers to fight the whole world?

We are in combat missions all over the globe right now, and it looks like we'll be at war in Yemen next, probably in the next few days.

Do we ever finish our battles any more? Is it even possible?

Soldiering is a regular occupation now, just ask any young person...

I'm not saying it's wrong, only observing that we need more and more people in our military all the time as we beome engaged in action in more places than ever before.  War is a trap that draws us in and keeps us there for what it seems like is forever.

There are 195 countries in the world, 192 of which are members of the United Nations.  We have soldiers deployed in most of them.
What are the reasons we are deployed in so many places?

Let us speculate why!
I've asked a lot of people about it, and I've thought about it a lot myself.  Answers to why people think that our military is stationed "all over the place" are many and varied.  Here are some of the possible reasons stated.....

To keep our enemies from attacking us, enemies being of various description.  Like countries that we were once at war with, who we're now friendly with, that we do business with, but who we really don't trust! 

To keep an intimidating fighting force close to our friends as a deterrent to them being attacked by others.

To maintain the truces and ceasefires that have been achieved by treaties and negotiations worldwide.

To protect American citizens who live and work in other countries.

To have a convenient way to spy on other countries.

To root out the terrorists and people who would do America harm.

To support the interests of the military-industrial complex, the big defense manufacturers and "big oil companies"

Some people think that once we get into a big mess we just can't ever get out.

To prevent the manufacture, proliferation, and sale of weapons of mass destruction.

To keep the "bad" people from invading the "good" people.

To prevent hostile countries from crippling America by stopping the shipment of oil to this country.

To demonstrate our combat strength to the other countries so they will not try to attack us.

To provide peacekeeping services and render humanitarian efforts in troubled places.

To fight the importation of illegal drugs to the United States.

Just add your own theories to this list.

When will we have enough soldiers?

John DeFlumeri Jr.  in Clearwater
"Decisions About Money and Controversial Commentary"
copyright 2010 John DeFlumeri Jr.


Mrs. Money said...

Sad sad sad :( I hope for peace sooner than later!

Joe DeGiorgio said...

There will never be enough soldiers
to "win" against the Afghans or the
new threats in Yemen. When one fanatic is eliminated, another will
immediately takes its place. Our best bet is to spend our dollars securing our borders and locking terrorists out rather than fighting
overseas. Another Vietnam? No, it could be worse...

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